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Our Volunteer Captains 

Our Volunteer Captains donate their time to support Wet Vet's mission. We are grateful for their generosity. We invite you to get to know our growing list of Captains here. 

Captain Jacob V. Abbisso of Big Fish Mojo Sportfishing has been boating and fishing the waters off Marblehead, Massachusetts since he was just three years old, and it’s safe to say saltwater runs in his veins.


Jake prides himself not only on his ability to find and catch fish through instinct, science, and technology but also on his ability to teach clients the knowledge he has acquired over the years. 


Jake places a huge emphasis on fishing sustainably aboard his charters and supports good catch and release tactics. Fishing is hands down one of Jake’s largest passions, and there is nothing that brings him more joy than sharing it with others.


Jake is the perfect guide for anglers of any experience level who want to hone their fishing skills sustainably and in a fun, safe, learning environment. Jake always enjoys partnering with Wet Vet to have service members out fishing, and he cannot wait to continue in the future! 

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